In order to install Mobi, you need the mobi installation files. These include two files with file extensions jad and jar (eg mobi.jad

and mobi.jar ) . These files will have to be put onto the phone to complete the installation procedure.

Mobi can be deployed in one of the three following ways:

  1. Bluetooth – where a user already has Mobi installation files on his/her phone, or on a Bluetooth-enabled PC, it can be transferred to another user’s phone.
  2. Data cable – where a user already has a version of Mobi on a PC, it can be transferred to a user’s phone.
  3. Web Download - a user can select the country and language for which he/she wants to download Mobi. The version that the user will receive on his/her mobile phone will contain the commodities and locations applicable to that country, and the version of Mobi downloaded will interface with the user in the language that was selected.

The download options are as follows:

  • To PC - a user can download Mobi to his/her computer, and then transfer the downloaded version to a mobile phone.
  • To mobile phone – a user can download Mobi directly to his/her mobile phone from

It is not possible to transfer Mobi as an installed application from one phone to another. If, however, a user has the installation files on his/her device, those files can be transferred to another user. This means that any settings that have been changed by a user on the installed version will not be carried over to a new installation on another user’s phone.

Deploying Mobi via Bluetooth

Follow the steps below to deploy Mobi unto the phone via Bluetooth:

  • Make sure Bluetooth is activated on the pc or phone from which you are transferring the files and also on the phone to which you are transferring the files;

  • Browse to the location of the files;
  • Select the two files (click one of the files and hold down the shift key and click the other);
  • Right-click on the selected files and choose Send To from the pop-up menu;
  • Select Bluetooth from the sub menu:
The Bluetooth dialogue box will be displayed;
  • Select the name that represents the phone from the list of Bluetooth devices displayed in the list;
  • Click the Next button:

You will be asked by the phone as to whether you wish to accept the data transfer;

  • Select the 'Yes' option to accept;

Repeat the above process for the second file.

Deploying using data cables

  • Connect the data cable to the phone and to the PC.
  • Note the different ends of the cable and how they fit into the pc or the phone. Usually the end with the arrow head indicates which one connects to the phone and should face up. The other end should be USB as you would find with pen/flash disks;

  • Ensure that the phone is switched on.
  • The PC would automatically identify the phone and might either start the installation process to make the device accessible or it may prompt user to confirm whether installation should proceed. Confirm the installation if prompted. Note however that this step would usually be done if you connect the phone for the very first time. Subsequent connections should not require this step.
  • You would be able to identify the phone just as you identify any flash disk (pen drive).
  • Copy the Mobi installation files from the PC and paste them unto the phone’s memory disk.

Now you have Mobi on your phone, enjoy!

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