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Esoko is currently looking for Reseller/Franchise
partners - especially in East and South Africa.

As Africa's leading information platform for Farmers, Esoko is growing fast. Our expansion model is to find local entrepreneurs to run Esoko's service as their own. Please read through this site, and visit for a description of the service itself. If you are interested, then apply online by filling out the short application form.  


What is Esoko?

Esoko is the most powerful platform to communicate with farmers. Businesses, projects, governments and mobile operators all use Esoko to build up their networks of farmers and deliver and monitor critical information. Individual farmers can subscribe and get market prices, weather, offers and agric tips. To learn more about the service, visit our website:

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What is a Reseller?

  • Certified Reseller of Esoko Platform
  • Extensive training in the technology
  • Expert techniques for marketing & sales
  • Learn how to sell field support
  • Get assistance in raising capital
  • Templates for office & staff setup
  • Ongoing peer2peer support
  • Annual reseller conference
  • Dedicated team to support you


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What criteria are needed to apply?
  • How can i make money?
  • Who can I partner with?
  • What am I selling?
  • Do I need financing?
  • Who are my clients?
  • and many more answers...