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Agriculture is back at the top of the global agenda. Food Security and Safety issues are driving innovation and investment at a rate that's never been seen before. The public sector is catalyzing innovations, and the business sector is leveraging new technologies for improved efficiencies, higher profits, and better quality food.

Esoko offers a broad range of applications that can be used to transform how agriculture works. Our key clients are:

ClientUse of Esoko
Agri-BusinessesUse our polling, profiling and alerting tools to track and manage their value chains, improve operational efficiency, save on fuel costs, and better manage increasingly ambitious outgrower and procurement schemes. Everyone's looking to work smarters. And businesses who are looking to reach smallholders to sell services can use the Esoko database to market their goods and services.
ProjectsUser our production tips, call centre, market prices, bids and offers to improve the outputs of the farmers, improve their post-harvest handling, and create stronger and more dependable linkages to markets and buyers.
GovernmentUses the Esoko application to track market prices, improve their extension services, and better distribute more reliable and consistent technical/market information to the field. They are generally looking at software tools to improve the speed with which they can track data for analysis, or to reduce leakage in the distribution of subsidies like fertililzer.
Mobile OperatorsOperators are all seeking competitive differentiation to aquire new clients, particularly in rural areas where there is still healthy growth rates for new subscribers. All operators are mandated to rollout some kind of mFarmer service but don't know how, or dont' understand the sector. You can manage the entire project leaving them to manage just the marketing and billing.

 due to global concerns over food insecurity. Massive investments are being made in Africa by both private and public sectors to help improve the low productivity and incomes in Africa. Businesses are using new seeds, new outgrower schemes. Innovation in models and technology abound. Traditional extension is giving way to modern methods. All of this is being drive by mobile-based technologies, tablets and SMS – it's the only way to penetrate rural markets and reduce costs around managing farmers. Esoko is the only integrated communication platform that exists in multiple countries – we're inviting you to offer it in yours.