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The Toolkit is the key to unlocking your market potential. It's jam-packed with over seven years of experience from working in over 15 countries. Nobody has rolled out magric services in as many countries, with as many partners, with as much functionality as Esoko...

More importantly, we've been listening all along to our farmers, our traders, our input dealers, our partners, our ministries, our mobile operators... 

We've got a wealth of information that we can share with you. From the very basics about choosing an office and picking the right equipment, to selecting a great team, to understanding how to position the product and close a sale.

  • full details on how to setup your operatoins
  • detailed financial planning and budgeting tools
  • forms for workshops, certificates, project planning
  • training modules and handbooks
  • video tutorials
  • sample contracts and negotiation cheat sheets
  • and much more...