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To start with...

titleI 'm already registered on Esoko, do I need an account on Esoko 2.0?

Once you are already registered on Esoko your account will be migrated along with your data onto Esoko 2.0. There is no need to create a new account. Esoko 2.0 is an upgrade of Esoko and just like any software/platform upgrade, your account is still intact. Esoko and Esoko 2.0 are not different platforms it is the same with improved features.

titleWhy do I have to select commodities, locations whilst signing up?

This allows people to easily send you information on things that are relevant to you preferences.


titleI belong to different networks how do I move from one network to the other?

Switching between networks is simple and easy now. All you need to do is click on the settings icon, select the network you want to switch to, confirm your choice on the pop-up and you are done!



titleHow do I assign permissions to my network?

First you create a group under the people app.  You’ll find permissions under the network settings; you should see all your groups and you can assign them required permissions.  Any member added to the group inherits the permissions assigned

titleWhere do I set permissions for my network?
You can do this under network settings.
titleWhat is the difference between network settings and Personal settings?
Network settings is where you control the preferences for the whole network (if you have the permission) and personal settings is where you set control your own personal settings, exclusive to you alone
titleWhy do I have different billing accounts?
Depending on the number of networks you belong to, you will have access to your personal billing account in addition to the billing account of the networks you belong to
titleCan I approve data for all my networks in one place?

No! You have to switch to the network you want to approve the data within.



Other Stuff in 2.0...

titleWho are 'administrators' under people?

Administrators are people who have been given administrative rights over a network

titleWhat's inbox?
Inbox is a new app that allows you to monitor all incoming messages to your network
titleWhat's SMSPolls?

This is the app previously known as ‘Scout Polls’ , an app for sending and receiving responses from the field via SMS

titleWhere is SMS Push?
SMS Push has been renamed as Push
titleWhere can I search for my prices and offers?
You can now search for prices and offers under the new app called Marketplace
titleWhy can't I see some applications?

You don’t have the permissions to see some apps for the network, you can contact your network manager

titleWhere do I approve items?

You can approve items by clicking on the notification icon

titleWhat does the number on my notification mean?

Number of items pending approval for the network you are currently logged into and other notifications like low balance.

titleWhat's the difference between monitor under SMSPolls and inbox?

Monitor under SMS Polls only shows poll responses from participants. Monitor under Inbox however shows all SMS traffic to your network.

titleHow do I view data (prices / offers) from other countries?

For Prices - you can change the country by selecting your preferred country from the list below the 'current prices' tab and for Offers - browse for your preferred location and commodity by using the filters, you can locate these filters by clicking on the link 'browse'