Video Tutorials

We are here to help you make the most out of your business and projects, to make navigating our platform easier, we will be rolling out video tutorials on our apps and specific functions. These videos are going to be short 60 seconds takes and longer for more complicated tasks. If we missed a function that you would like us to add, please feel free to contact us. We will be uploading videos every month until we have covered every function in 60 seconds

An Overview

This is a great start if you want a quick introduction to what Esoko is and how the platform is structured. Essential viewing for all new to the product.












Esoko 2.3.0

This video is an overview of the new features and enhancements in our new release Esoko 2.3.0. Separate feature videos will be uploaded soon









Creating a Network

Everything you do on Esoko now is within network. Creating a network is easy! Watch this simple video tutorial to learn how. 











Previously known as SMSPush, here is a 60sec tutorial of the Push app. This app is a powerful to for sending targeted messages to you members. 












This is an important tool for network administrators and managers to ensure that all data uploaded onto their network are valid and accurate. This is where all prices and offers uploads by agents or members of the network are moderated and validate. Request to share data with the network and join the network are also approved here... check this short tutorial out









The People application is a great tool to profile and manage the members on your network which is one of the major changes on Esoko 2.0. Watch how to perform some basic tasks in the People app.










Manage your Agents, create templates and generate reports in these easy steps.














Getting information from the field shouldn't be difficult. You can conduct simple surveys over SMS with our SMSPolls app feature. Here is a 60sec video to show you how..












The agricultural market place, get prices, place bids and offers, do a price search and compare price trends. Learn how in this 60secs overview












Learn how to easily manage your inbound sms traffic in your network with with our Inbox app in 60 seconds













Adding People

A 60 secs guide to adding contacts to your Network on Esoko












Creating Groups

Manage the people in your networks efficiently and easily by grouping them











Price Alerts (Price Search)

Having problems setting up alerts for your people, alerts not delivering? Then join me as i take you through a way to ensure your alerts are set up correctly.











Price Alerts (SMS Codes)

SMS Codes play an important role in querying and receiving Price Alerts. To make sure you alert system goes smoothly, first ensure that the SMS Code for the particular commodity is set up, if not, learn how to do it in 60secs.








eSync URL Setup

ESync (Esoko Android Sync) is an SMS gateway software that allows Esoko clients to establish a communication channel between the Esoko platform and their clients using a local mobile number. Learn how to set it up in this video








Adding People via Upload (Short Forms)

Want to quickly profile people with common elements to your network? Learn how to use our Short forms to upload contacts to your network fot management. 









Bulk Contacts Upload

You don't have to upload your 200+ contacts individually. With our Bulk Contacts upload feature, this is a walk in the park. Just use our excel sheet template and upload away. Learn how to in this short tutorial. 








Managing alerts for a large group is now easy. You can schedule a series of messages to go out at certain time and date. This is helpful for people managing large networks like a Farmer Club. 








Assigning Permissions

Learn how to set permissions for users and groups. Permissions help you define which apps are accessible to users and what actions they can perform on the network. Enjoy. 








Saving Filters

Why go through the pain of entering filters anytime you are doing your favorite searches for prices or generating reports. Learn how to save filters here


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