We are constantly working to bring the best to our clients and users and to make our platform better by adding new features, enhancements and tweaks. To find out more about what we have been working on. the changes, the enhancements and what is currently live, this is the place to be. Enjoy our Release notes! 


This release introduces the Agric Series feature which is one of the key features for the release of the Farmer Club. This allows networks to sequence and schedule a set of messages for their people.  What's more, the recipients can be scheduled to pay for these alerts as we have under other alerts.  There have also been a number of enhancements around commodity and locations list to make ensure that the lists are relevant to the users and networks browsing the application. 

New Features


This new feature can be found under Alerts.  This is where you can set up and schedule a series of messages to go out to a defined set of users.  This feature also allows you to make edits and re-order saved messages.  People can be joined to these alerts via Inbox or via group alerts.  Users can also opt for recipients to pay for their alerts.

Creating a Series

  1. First define the attributes of the Series; locations, commodities, validity and name.

  2. Secondly define the messages that make up the series.  These messages can be deleted and moved around.

  3. Thirdly define the recipients, schedules and payment options for the tips.

  4. Finally you can use the "view schedule" link to check the expected delivery dates of the messages.


Viewing your series

A user can View, Edit, Copy and Suspend all the Series they create.  When a tip is copied, it's initial status is inactive till a user changes it's status to active.




Commodity Relevancy

Commodity suggestions are limited to the country's commodities.  You can expand the search by using the "more..." option if there are any more.

(searching for maize in Ghana)

(searching for maize from the global list)


Location Relevancy

The suggest box only reveals locations in a country that contains the characters typed.  As with the commodity relevancy you can search through the global list with the "more..." link.  This gives you all locations which contain the characters that have been typed.

 (searching for a location in Ghana)

  (searching for a location from the global list)



Survey Reports

Users can now view uploaded data from the reports page.  Reports has a "Survey" item which users can use to view their data.  Users can choose from the surveys that have been setup for them.

Stopping Alerts

Users can now stop alerts they are recieving by sending in the message "STOP" to the esoko short code.  This stops the alerts for 5 days after which they messages resume.  Users can re-start their alerts by texting "RESTART" to the esoko short-code into the platform.


Tag Lines - 'Call 1900 for help'

Countries can now change the tagline at the end of the alerts we send out to read as appropriate for their country.  So Kenya and other can also publish their short code.  To enable for your country, raise a support issue with PA.


Airtime payments for Kenya.

Now Kenyan Numbers can receive airtime via the platform.  Use the Push and Inbox;Keywords app as usual and send to Kenyan numbers.