It is important to note that the installation of Mobi, like most mobile phone applications, is phone specific. Below is a brief description of common issues you may face and how to get around them.


On certain Nokia handsets, once the installation files are transferred to the phone, Nokia does an automatic installation of the files and saves the application in the games folder. Examples of such phones include 2330-c,2730c, etc.

Other Nokia phones will save the files as text messages in your inbox. From your inbox, attempt to open the jad file (the file with the jad extension, e.g. mobi.jad). This will start the installation process.

Sony Ericsson

Once the installation files are transferred to a Sony Ericsson phone, the user will be prompted to start the installation. Confirm the request for installation when prompted and the installation should proceed successfully.


Most Samsung phones are locked to prevent installation of third party applications. To install Mobi on a Samsung phone therefore, one must first unlock the phone in order to allow third party applications to be installed on it. For example, on some Samsung phones *#9998*install# or *#9998*javainstall# will unlock the phone. If the above code does not unlock your model of Samsung, please search for the code to unlock it from the internet or user manual.

The transferred files will be saved in “Other files”, which is usually a sub folder under "My Files" or "My Stuff". It is usually the place where files that do not fall under Music, Pictures, Video, etc. folders are stored. Navigate to this location and run the file extension jad from that location. This will install the application.