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Page: 2.0
In this release we are offering you a more intuitive platform with a cleaner, crispier design throughout the platform, a new way to navigate, and an experience that is focused within a network at a particular time, better help and an overall simplicity wi
Page: 2.0.1
2.0.1  With the release of Esoko 2.0, some existing applications were taken off for us to redesign them and present you with a better app. And as with every major release there were bound to be some minor bugs but fear not! We have released version 2.0.1
Page: 2.2.0
We promised a lot of improvements and new features from Esoko 2.0+ and we are delivering on our promises. Introducing Esoko 2.20, bringing new features like the Reseller Page which will enable Esoko resellers manage their subscriptions.  This release also
Page: 2.3.0
Once again we have been working hard to give you the best experience on our platform. Providing you great improvements and enhancements to make your jobs easier and give you the maximum satisfaction. Enter our current release; 2.3.0. This release comes wi


Page: Android
For users on-the-go, you can access Prices, Offers, and Uploads through the Esoko Android application. To get the Esoko apk, go to on your Android smartphone and download and install the .apk file directly
Page: Applications


Page: Basic Concepts
An Overview Esoko is a technology platform and consulting service that helps organizations profile people and manage the information flows between them. Our focus is on agricultural value chains with the explicit goal of improving the transparency of mark
Page: Billing and Account


Page: Configuring Your Dashboard
The dashboard is your central hub of operations on Esoko. All our apps and services can be accessed right from the dashboard. dash1.JPG     The dashboard is your personal space on Esoko - so make it yours!! You can edit your dashboard view any way you lik
Page: Contact Support


Page: Developers
Any third party can integrate with Esoko to use its services, or access its content. Before an API can be used : You should be a registered user of Esoko and have setup a Network You will need a valid (paid) subscription for that Network Have relevant con


Home page: Esoko Customer Support Center
    <iframe src="" width="100%" height="500px" border="none"></iframe> <iframe src="" width="100%" height="500px" border="none"></iframe>     help
Page: Esoko User Guide
To start with... Once you are already registered on Esoko your account will be migrated along with your data onto Esoko 2.0. There is no need to create a new account. Esoko 2.0 is an upgrade of Esoko and just like any software/platform upgrade, your accou



Page: Get Prices API
Page: Glossary of Terms



Page: Index of Pages





Page: Mobi
mobi.png Mobi is a Java-based mobile application, which allows users to interact with the Esoko application through an easy set of menus on their mobile phone. Mobi has been tested to function accurately on the Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung brands of J
Page: Mobi Installation & Deployment
In order to install Mobi, you need the mobi installation files. These include two files with file extensions jad and jar (eg mobi.jad and mobi.jar ) . These files will have to be put onto the phone to complete the installation procedure. Mobi can be deplo
Page: Mobile


Page: Network And Sharing


Page: Our Apps
There is a lot of help that can be given here There is a lot of help that can be given here There is a lot of help that can be given here  


Page: Phone-Specific Requirements
It is important to note that the installation of Mobi, like most mobile phone applications, is phone specific. Below is a brief description of common issues you may face and how to get around them. Nokia On certain Nokia handsets, once the installation fi



Page: Release Notes
We are constantly working to bring the best to our clients and users and to make our platform better by adding new features, enhancements and tweaks. To find out more about what we have been working on. the changes, the enhancements and what is currently
Page: Reports


Page: Send SMS API
Page: Settings And Privacy
Page: SMS
Page: SMS Codes
Page: SMS Requests
Page: SMS Uploads
Page: Surveys
You can use the survey tool to conduct field research and upload the collected data to your network using your smartphone. 2013-05-13-15-06-30.png   Select 'Surveys' to see the list of configured surveys for your network 2013-05-13-15-06-40.png Begin your




Page: Video Tutorials
We are here to help you make the most out of your business and projects, to make navigating our platform easier, we will be rolling out video tutorials on our apps and specific functions. These videos are going to be short 60 seconds takes and longer for