The dashboard is your central hub of operations on Esoko.

All our apps and services can be accessed right from the dashboard.



How do I customize my dashboard?

The dashboard is your personal space on Esoko - so make it yours!!

You can edit your dashboard view any way you like.

By clicking on the button, you can add or remove widgets from the dashboard view

by checking or unchecking them.

You can also move your widgets around just by dragging them around


What are widgets and how do I use them?

Widgets display a vast range of information relevant to your location, which can all be customized and refined to suit your choices).

 Widgets can only be found on your main dashboard screen.

To fully personalize your content, you can configure each widget (that displays data) to show you exactly what you want it to.

Click on the widget settings button in the top right corner of any widget.

This brings up a filter which allows you to configure the commodities, locations you want to see,as well as the network you wish the data to pulled from (public or from a specific network)

Click on  to choose your currency, price type, and date range.

If you have already configured your commodities and location in your settings then you can use this tool

This will automatically copy your previously configured options to the widget without you having

to do your selections again!

Click on  and you will see all your configured data displayed on your widget!


Feel free to make your dashboard look just the way you want it to!

Where do I find apps and features?

To the left of your widgets is the list of apps that are available to all users of Esoko.

You can switch between apps at any time, whether you're on the dashboard or on a particular app.

For more help on specific apps, head over to the Using Apps & Features section and get better acquainted with the powerful tools that Esoko provides.