Once again we have been working hard to give you the best experience on our platform. Providing you great improvements and enhancements to make your jobs easier and give you the maximum satisfaction. Enter our current release; 2.3.0. This release comes with new features like Reports and Configuration, fixes and improvements which is meant to make the platform tidier and more meaningful and enhancing your performance. 

New Features


The reports functionality has been added to the platform as an app. The reports allows users to generate data on activities within their networks.

The following reports have been provided;

  • Price Upload report -  A report on prices uploads as done by agents.
  • SMS Traffic report -  A report on SMS traffic into and out of the platform by the network.

Reports can be created using the filters available and by choosing which columns to display (see above screens)

Reports can also be saved and retrieved for later.  Used the 'save' link to save and the 'My Saved Filters' to used saved reports.

Reports can be downloaded, please note there is a limit to the volume which can be downloaded, anything in excess of 5000 records should be requested through the Tech dept.


Users can now set up specific measures for commodities at the network level.



Saved Searches

The application has brought back missing functionality from 1.5.x, the ability to save searches on the Marketplace under both price search and bids and offers.  It makes it easier to save and retrieve previous searches.

Contacts Download

The application now allows users to download contacts from the people page, if they have permissions to do so.  This provision was made to allow a quick way to obtain a download members of a network with brief information without going through the Engineering team.


Alert delivery reports

The Alerts delivery reports can now be filtered by date.

Approval Page Changes

The approval page has also seen some changes to make data more read-able and to allow users to select the columns they wish to see.

  1. The list is now filterable by agents, markets and price-type.
  2. Columns can now be expanded and contracted.
  3. An administrator now know how many records he's looking at in the summary.


The locations database has been update to cover the whole world.  This data came from shape files obtained covering the world.  This then allows us to move forward with implementing more features around locations.  It also means the platform will have some configuration for countries we don't exist in.  Not all countries will be available everywhere unless their ranks are changed make them available.