We promised a lot of improvements and new features from Esoko 2.0+ and we are delivering on our promises. Introducing Esoko 2.20, bringing new features like the Reseller Page which will enable Esoko resellers manage their subscriptions.  This release also contains a number of bug fixes and small improvements, which make the site tidier and meaningful.

What's New?

Reseller Page

We're introducing the reseller page where a reseller can see all the subscribers in their country and manage them.

Resellers should be able to see the 'Reseller' link under the personal menu (Resellers only, this is a permission that can be granted from Esoko). 

You can now also tell the type of subscription your clients hold and when their Esoko subscription started.

You can see a brief details on the network.


  • Where's this price data from? 

The price roll-over pop-up now tells you the originating network of a price. Useful when there are a lot of networks collecting data on the same commodity and making it publicly available.  Now data can be attributed to a source so you know the exact network the data is coming from.

  • Another quick way to SMS your groups
  1. Now you can send a quick SMS to your groups from your people app just as it is when you select individuals.  
  2. You can also schedule these messages and choose who pays right from the  People app.

  • On your groups page under people, we now show the total number of groups available within the network.

Bug Fixes

ComponentDefect Summary
AgentsTarget displayed when report is generated is different from the target provided during set up
Approved values show as '0' instead of the actual values
Sync up side drawers(apps and networks) with other activities
AlertsThe wholesale and retail prices are interchanged in the alerts.
"would you like to schedule alert?" should rather read "schedule this alert"
Option to select 'never ends' should be greyed out if 'end date' is specified
Price for 'WHEAT GRAIN' was uploaded and approved, but the exact commodity can not be seen under 'alert' when selecting a commodity
InboxAuto check the checkbox for the service when an alert or group is selected from the dropdown list
LoginSome clients unable to login with email
MarketPlaceCorrect spelling of overview on bids & offers summary page
PeopleOn 'Add Person' form, the cursor should automatically be in  the 'First Name' field once the form pops-up
An administrator removed from group successfully shows even after refreshing the page
There should be a pop-up that notify clients that name of a group must bu at least 4 characters long. This popup existed in 1.5.2
People:  If the group name is long it continues out of the visible area and is not accessible to the cursor.
SettingsHave link for chooser for Occupations
On Notification, low balance notification should not be a link
Cell number validation should not pop up in its current location
After editing a cell number, validation pop up stays forever
SMS PollsRemove "months" from non-responder section
SMS PushCost and Recipient Counters Don't Work