We're looking for an experienced UIX Designer who can participate in driving a clean, organized, intuitive interface and design language across our applications. This includes our various websites (including this one), our informational website about esoko (about.esoko.com), but most importantly driving intuitive design across the Esoko platform. The platform not only includes the web application where managers build, configure and monitor their people networks, but also our SMS interfaces (try showing weather alerts in graphical format using ASCII!) as well as our Java app (for agents uploading prices and offers from the field), and our growing series of Android Interfaces. The key challenge for Esoko is that we are a broad application serving sophisticated clients that want to manage a network, down to the very simplest user who is really just trying to get a price or a weather alert. We need a common design language that is clean, simple and intuitive. We definitely subscribe to the philosophy 'less is more' – and this is particularly challenging given the rich feature set at Esoko. We have a great product team that you'd be working with.

Role Responsibilities

  • Create a common design language across all Esoko web, print, mobile, sms properties
  • Work with clients and users to test usability of the interfaces and functions
  • Ensure every page, click, pixel and form is intuitive and easy to use
  • Ensure consistency in how we use widgets, colors, fonts
  • Design and develop solutions for complex functions (eg. triggers/actions when designing SMS polls)
  • Create and maintain a style guide and design catalog for the company
  • Help customers of Esoko implement their own brand identities on the Esoko platform
  • Help design help on mobile and web so that it guides users appropriately

Job Requirements

  • Enthusiasm and passion for design
  • A three-dimensional/experiential design background (not purely graphical or page layout)
  • Experience designing forms, workflows, business logic
  • Demonstrated ability to create great online experiences/designs
  • Ability to listen - to talk to clients/farmers/traders/field agents and 'become them'
  • Ability to quickly prototype wireframe designs
  • Ability to document (in a basic way as there are other product writers) your logic
  • A desire to work in a social impact business trying to change how markets/agric work

This role may be full-time or for a fixed contract period. This position is based in Accra, Ghana. We provide competitive compensation, and encourage diversity, creativity, and professionalism in the workplace.


Esoko has a great team of young/creative people in Accra, and is just expanding with a second office in Nairobi. We're hard-working and passionate about what we do. We want to drive economic development through technology innovations and are looking for like-minded people who are open, generous, professional and adventurous.