Nutritional Content Specialist

A role to help design and implement innovative mobile-based technology for the general public. This role is expected to bring field experience and industry knowledge in nutrition to help underserved populations and especially farmers across the country to have knowledge on various nutritional value of the crops they grow and how beneficial that can be to their health.  


  • To coordinate with strategic partners to  source, organize and collate materials relevant for building a comprehensive database of nutrition information for public education
  • To design and develop the collated materials and digitize them into a database repository according to lay down format, structure and scope.
  • To develop actionable SMS messages and Voice transcripts of the content digitized and stored in the database repository
  •  To create factsheets containing for priority nutrition knowledge domain
  • To ensure that content database is updated regularly
  • To create nutritional tips and sent to clients on time
  • To promote healthy eating
  • To help support the call center

Candidate Requirement

  • A Bachelor’s degree (min) in nutrition, food science, nursing, public Health or closely related field
  • At least three years’ experience in behavior change communication programs, nutrition education messages, health promotion and rural development
  • Ability to network among industry players and be able to play a lead role in sourcing materials from various sources
  • Understanding of IT and mobile
  • Successful at establishing and maintaining good working relationships with key stakeholders including public and private sector institutions
  • Strong editorial skills and ability to decipher complex technical and scientific literature to  bring out key issues relevant for nutrition education programs
  • Be an innovative thinker about new approaches to deliver good health
  • Speak some local languages of Ghana
  • Be passionate about improving nutritional health of underserved communities and the less provided in society