In this role, you will be responsible for supporting the needs of Esoko's corporate server infrastructure, which is entirely based on Linux. Systems Administrators are highly technical and directly work with server and service owners to ensure reliability and availability of the Esoko infrastructure. As a System Administrator, you will support distributed and cloud-based servers, managing critical services, enforcing policies and fine-tuning strategies to achieve service excellence. You must have relevant experience in Linux systems administration as you will be required to maintain existing Linux systems, including SMS and VOIP Gateways, and provide technical support and troubleshoot system-level issues.

Job Specifications 

  • Responsible for dozens of Linux systems (local and remote) with a broad range of running services.
  • Fine-tune configurations of key services (web, database, etc.).
  • Install and configure new Linux systems (both clients and servers).
  • Manage SMPP-based and VOIP gateway systems (Kannel, Asterisk).
  • Set up effective system monitoring and alerting systems (Nagios, Cacti, etc.).
  • Write and maintain system scripts (mostly bash, some PHP).
  • Identify and resolve server security issues.
  • Manage TCP/IP networks.
  • Troubleshoot systems-related and network-related issues.
  • Update reference documentation regularly.

Person Specifications

  • BSc. Computer Science and two years experience in similar position.
  • Extremely passionate about Linux and open-source in general.
  • Strong knowledge of TCP/IP networking.
  • Good scripting skills.
  • Must have a "get things done" attitude.
  • Self-motivated and independent thinker.
  • Keeps a cool head when under pressure.
  • Curious and willing to learn.
  • Anal about documentation.
  • Friendly and hardworking.

Career development 

  • We encourage further development of your skills by sponsoring training and certification programs related to the job assigned. Examples include Cisco certifications and LPI/RedHat exams.
  • In addition, you'd be joining an existing team of skilled professionals, where learning and knowledge sharing happens on a daily basis.
  • We also provide free access to documentation, books, training resources and testing equipment.


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