To translate ideas, concepts and requests into computer code, delivering defect-free work that matches the specifications given. To maintain existing code and databases, resolving defects, enhancing functionality, writing and reviewing technical documents and then keeping it up to date. To support peers and provide technical guidance, making sure that development tasks are assigned, followed up on and completed.



You will drive and be the key owner to the following responsibilities:

 Professional Expectations:

  • Able to carry out assigned tasks as requested and to remain focused on the job without losing track of the progress.
  • Able to document activities and report on the progress.
  • Able to manage his/her own workspace, maintaining all working software and hardware tools in good order (up to date, secure, virus-free, backed up, etc.).
  • Delivers within assigned time limits and according to company's standards
  • Ensures delivery of high quality (defect-free) work that accurately meets specifications. Ensures consistency and attention to detail.
  • Takes charge of responsibilities and makes the necessary decisions within the limits assigned to him/her
  • Able to find new and innovative solutions, workable ideas and concepts, open-minded and resourceful and able to come up with solutions and initiate activities to resolve problems.


Technical Expectations:

  • Able to plan and design software products.
  •  Able to identify problems and translate them into practical solutions.
  • Able to write and maintain quality computer code(accuracy, clarity, completeness, performance, etc.)
  • Able to debug, test and troubleshoot system hardware and software, both locally and remotely.
  • Able to debug, test and troubleshoot computer code


Personal and Interpersonal Expectations:

  • Able to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing. Able to organize thoughts to pass the message across in an effective and efficient way, focusing on adherence, clarity and brevity as well as to stimulate interest in the listener(s).
  • Is a cooperative team-player, willing to associate with others for mutual benefit.
  •  Has desire to help others in critical situations.
  • Able and willing to participate to company meetings, contribute own ideas and opinions, share views and accept decisions made with other members.
  • Copes with pressure and extend periods of high workload. Remains calm under adverse circumstances, while still being able to manage priorities and tasks



  • 4 years experience in related field.
  •  Exposure to a wide range of programming languages, techniques and tools.
  • Ability to coordinate activities within the team. Strong collaboration and team building/leadership skills.
  •  Experience in providing training, support and mentoring. Process management skills.
  • Ability to provide strategic direction to upper management with excellent reporting skills.
  • Experience interfacing with third parties.