Esoko has designed and deployed the Farmer Helpline, the first of its kind in Africa. For the first time farmers throughout Ghana will be able to call and chat with our agriculture experts on a range of questions about market information, weather, and general agric tops. This initiative will be in partnership with key experts, research institutes and government bodies. The role is to lead the editorial effort -- to define the content and sources that the experts would require to create Ghana's first truly digital repository of Agricultural questions and answers. You will coordinate a small team of editorial experts compiling and digitizing agric content from multiple stakeholders like MOFA,CSIR, IFDC, farmers and extension officers. You should define scope, set priorities, organize field visits and manage/test the content. Most importantly, you must truly and deeply understand the needs of farmers throughout Ghana, and you should be able to understand how to compile answers that are relevant, local, and actionable -- thus a strong background in agriculture and good writing skills are extremely crucial. 

Role Responsibilities

  • To scope, design, and direct overall editorial objectives for the agriculture content database
  • To edit, write, shape, manipulate and localize content answers for common agric questions
  • To suggest improvements/enhancements to the content tool & software
  • To design and oversee smart field deployments that source & test content
  • To create an outreach campaign to farmers & business
  • To setup and coordinate a panel of experts throughout the country to advise on content
  • To coordinate with key strategic partners (CSIR/INSTI, MOFA) to organize content
  • To help establish a call centre of agro experts with hyperlocalized and actionable advice
  • To rethink how extension services can be delivered
  • To write proposals, presentations, reports
  • To help manage monitoring & evaluation 

Job Requirements

  • A Bachelors degree (min) in Agronomics
  • Have at least 10 years extensive field deployment experience with farmers
  • Be familiar with agro-industry needs and practices
  • Have experience bridging public/private sectors
  • Have demonstrated written and editorial skills
  • Be an innovative thinker about new approaches
  • Be a thought-partner to agri-industry & projects
  • Be passionate about improving smallholder incomes 
  • Have good contacts and relations with our development projects

This role may be full-time or for a fixed contract period. This position is based in Accra, Ghana. We provide competitive compensation, and encourage diversity, creativity, and professionalism in the workplace.

Esoko has a great team of young/creative people in Accra, and is just expanding with a second office in Nairobi. We're hard-working and passionate about what we do. We want to drive economic development through technology innovations and are looking for like-minded people who are open, generous, professional and adventurous.