There are lots of benefits from becoming an Esoko partner. We'll get you up and running in no time and then ensure you have the best support to provide great solutions in your country and generate incomes while you're doing it. The three key areas where we provide support are listed here. Below that is the nuts&bolts of the terms and conditions.

The Toolkit

This is an extensive set of models, documentation, methodologies, job descriptions, sales/marketing tips, rollout schedules, M&E models, and more. Everything you need to know to launch fast and avoid common mistakes. 


To sell and support Esoko, you need to be knowledgeable about the product and client needs. We'll put you through an intensive week of training in Accra / Nairobi so that you can understand your market and be successful in deploying the service. 


Get access to our great team of business advisors who can help with setup, strategy, product enhancements, and latest business insights. You also access others using Esoko in our annual partner conference.

Making Money with Esoko

Resellers sell Esoko subscriptions. They range from individual subscriptions for farmers (directly or through a large national program with a key media partner or mobile operator) or premium subscriptions for organizations like NGOs, Businesses and Associations. Individual subscriptions start at $12/year. Premium subscriptions range from $2,000 - $60,000/year. Resellers provide extensive training and field support which contributes the lions share of annual revenues.  Resellers take a commission on all subscriptions sold and retain 100% of the training and support provided.  Each country should target 100,000 individual subscriptions and 100 premium subscriptions. 

Running an Esoko franchise is a viable and fulfilling business. Our existing partners have been able to facilitate great market interventions among their subscribers; however it is not a simple task.

  1. New technology deployment in agriculture and rural areas is not simple: This is a new technology and so people need to be carefully educated and trained to understand the usefulness of the technology. All this takes time, and if deployment must take the learning curve duration into consideration
  2. Training is important: partners need adequate training to be able to understand the product to sell effectively. Your clients too will need training to be able to use the software and deploy it efficiently. Do not skimp on it!
  3. Partnerships take time: if you want to get  into agreements with third party organizations such as mobile operators or an enumeration service  for one service or another be prepared to dedicate time to them. Those agreements take to conclude and so factor these timelines into your overall planning.
  4. Esoko does many things but not everything: all your requests and suggestions for new features and enhancements are always taken into consideration but note that Esoko is not a bespoke platform, it is generic so that it can meet the needs of a variety of clients. In selling, a partner must understand the strengths and limitations of our technology and sell it accordingly. However; it is critical that we have customer feedback to improve and upgrade our systems.
  5. Sales is consultative. In this sector, at this stage, customers are still not clear on what they want. If you're not good at listening, analysing a client's business needs, it will be difficult for you to sell Esoko to organizations.