Esoko is an innovative and pioneering service that covers many technical features and professional support services. It’s crucial that every reseller is aware of all aspects of the service, updated on all new developments annually, and able to sell and support the service to a certain standard to ensure the users of Esoko get the very best experience and results from the service. Certification is the first step towards becoming an Esoko reseller. Every reseller has to go through the Esoko Certification Programme as it’s crucial that the reseller is aware of all the aspects of the service and is updated on all the new developments.


 Why does Esoko require Certification?

Certification is an annual process that you need to complete to remain in the partner program. The initial certification requires that you attend a partner workshop in person. These happen every three months in our offices in Accra/Nairobi. Beyond that, it will be up to the discretion of your Esoko Business Advisor whether you need to return to Accra/Nairobi or can complete the annual certification online. The goal is to ensure that you are up to date on all the product features, sales approaches and you are best able to support your clients in the field with the latest lessons learned.

 What is the format and content of the workshops?

Workshops run from monday to friday, 9am-5pm. They are hosted at the Esoko training facility in the Accra/Nairobi office. A program can be shared with you upon request. Generally it covers product knowledge, meeting the team, planning your business, business modelling, fundraising, marketing and selling, and a range of other topics.

 How much does it cost?

Once we have received your application and started discussions we can share with you the cost structure for the certification program. Our goal is to create something affordable that gives you the very best training in the minimum amount of time so that you can start supporting your clients in the field. All travel and accommodation costs to Accra are the responsibility of those attending. Of course we can help with visas, hotel recommendations and general travel planning.

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